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Bermont Impresión

Bermont Impresión is located in the town of Coslada (Madrid). From its location, Bermont Impresión produces copies for the entire national territory.

Bermont Impresión has three GOSS Universal rotary presses, a KBA Comet rotary press and a MAN Colorman press. Its five plate production lines CTP (Computer to Plate) allow simultaneous printing with all rotary presses. Printing is complemented by two inserting drums capable of inserting pre-printed and pre-rolled products, as well as fed by manual feeders. Stacking and tying lines finish the packages that are delivered ready for distribution.

Contact information

Avenida de Alemania, 12
Centro Transportes Coslada
28821 Coslada (Madrid)
Phone: +34 916 707 150

Document: PEFC (spanish)

Document: PEFC (english)

Corporate industrial policy, 2014, Coslada

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