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Recoprint Rábade

Recoprint Rábade is the Corporación Bermont group plant located in Rábade (Lugo). For printing newspapers it has a Mitsubishi rotary press. The plates are produced in prepress by two complete CTP (Computer to Plate) lines. A dispatch system with stackers and binders deliver printed and stacked products daily for distribution.

Contact information

Polígono Industrial Rábade 2º fase
Parcelas 16B y 17 B
23370 San Vicente de Rábade (Lugo)
Teléfono: +34 982 390 246

Document: PEFC (spanish)

Document: PEFC (english)

Corporate industrial policy, 2014, Rábade

Documento: Certificado ER 1119-2002

Environmental Management Certificate 2007

Comunicación de desempeño ambiental 2024

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